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What is Swank Streaming (Grades 7-12)?

Swank Streaming for Grades 7-12 is provided through the MOBOCES Media Library to all participating component districts.

It is a convenient and controlled streaming platform that makes it easy for teachers to incorporate high-quality films into lesson plans. The Swank library includes thousands of films for educational support, including top feature films, documentaries and foreign titles.

Powered by Swank Motion Pictures, the content is curated specifically for educators based on the movies they need most to support classroom instruction. Swank Streaming provides access both inside the classroom and asynchronously for assignments outside of the classroom.

Watch the quick video below for a 3 min intro and overview of the Swank Platform.

What movies are included in our collection?

The streaming platform is preloaded with a collection of 250 titles specifically curated for education based on the most frequently used films in 7-12 classrooms across the country. In addition to this collection, teachers have access to search through thousands of films to request additional movies to be added to your collection throughout the year. While our curated collections should be the majority of the films your school will use, we understand that teachers are creative and new films become available throughout the year.

Examples of Films used in Lesson Plans

Examples of Films Used by Subject Area

How do I access?


Teacher access is provided by a district-specific URL. Teacher sign-in has already been set up for each district so you simply log in using either school Google, Microsoft, or ClassLink credentials. Access is provided by building from the Streaming Media Portal. This is a password-protected website. If you are unsure of your building password please reach out to your school librarian or Cathi Brewer (

Students can only access individual films via “watch links” that teachers make available to them. This ensures student safety online and prevents younger students from viewing films that are inappropriate for their age/grade level. “Watch links” can be posted on Google Classroom or another LMS platform, 

Teacher Guide

Archived Workshop Recording

More questions?

Contact your school librarian or Cathi Brewer at