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Media Library: FAQ

Media Library/FAQ

Instructional Media Library

What is the Instructional Media Library?

The Media Library is an extensive collection of physical and digital resources maintained by the Center for Instructional Support (CIS) that can enrich classroom instruction for both teachers and students. The library has been organized into named collections most of which can be explored using the links on the left side of this page.  Resources can be checked out or instantly accessed using the Media Catalog/SNAP

New account

​Can I get an account to access the Media Catalog?

​All educators in the component districts of Madison-Oneida BOCES are eligible to borrow and stream resources from the M-O Instructional Media Library. If you need an account you can request one online here, email, or call 315-361-5665.

Forgot Password

What if I don't remember my SNAP password?

​Click here to reset your password.

Lost item

​What happens if I have misplaced an item?

​If possible extend the item to give yourself more time to search for it. If you are still unable to locate it please contact us. We will  notify your building principal to help. If the item is not returned, the school district will eventually be billed for a replacement.

Visit us in person

​Can I visit the media library and check out items in person?

​Yes, we would love to have you visit us and browse the collection. You may also check out available items and take them with you. We are open 12 months, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. We are located in Oneida on the 2nd floor of the Costello Building. Click here for directions.

Purchasing Suggestions

Can I make suggestions for new Media Library materials?

Yes, it makes our heart sing if we can purchase an item that you have suggested. We look for materials that are able to be shared, will be of interest to other educators, and that support the curriculum. Please be as specific as possible so that we don't get the wrong thing. When we purchase materials at your suggestion, you are notified so that you can be first to borrow them. It's our way of saying thank you for your input!

Email suggestions to Cathi Brewer,

Building Contacts

What is my role as the CIS Media Library Building Contact?

  • Receive and distribute materials and paperwork to teachers (most paperwork is emailed directly to the teacher).
  • Notify CIS of staff changes in your building.
  • Assist CIS staff in contacting teachers who don't respond to overdue notices.
  • Help teachers become aware of and book/stream Media Library materials for use in their classrooms.
  • Share information from CIS about changes in service, new items, upcoming workshops, etc.

For more detailed information please download the pdf document below.

Resource Lists

How do I create a list of saved resources?

In the Media Catalog/SNAP you can create one or more Resource Lists to save both physical and streaming resources. Your resource list can be kept Private (only you can view it), shared with your Building, shared with your District, or made Public (all SNAP users in all MOBOCES districts can view it). To create a new list you simply locate a resource in the catalog that you would like to save to a list and in the bottom right corner click the down arrow next to the Save to List button. This will display a menu with the option to Create a New List. If you make the new list your default list when you click the Save to List button next to any resource it will be added to that list. To save to a list other than your default list you must click the down arrow next to the Save to List button and choose the desired list. The quick video below illustrates the process.

Loan periods

How long may I keep borrowed materials?

Resource Type Initial Period Maximum Period
Audiobooks 20 school days 30 school days
Big Book Kit 10 school days 20 school days
Book & Doll Kit 10 school days 20 school days
Books by Quantity 20 school days 30 school days
Compact Disc 10 school days 20 school days
DVD/VHS Tape 10 school days 20 school days
Equipment 20 school days 30 school days
STEAM Kits, Games, all other Kits 10 school days 25 school days
Adaptive Toys 20 school days 30 school days
Sheet Music 1 semester Call 315-361-5665


Student Use of Media Library

Can students access the Media Library?

Yes, all students have access to only the streaming resources provided through the Media Catalog. All students will use the same building username and password. Students will not see any of the physical items available to borrow. Ask your school librarian for your building's student login credentials or email   

Extend Items

How do I extend materials that I currently have checked out?

From the My Account menu click My Checked Out Items. ​Click the checkbox next to the item or items you would like to extend. Click the Extend Selected Items button.


Ordering for someone else

Can I order items from the Media Catalog for someone else?

You would only want to do this if you are a Building Coordinator and have the ability to order using that person's Media Catalog account. If you use your own account to checkout items for someone else and they are lost or not returned on time you are then responsible. This could hinder your ability to receive your own ordered items from the catalog.

If you are the Building Coordinator it is quite simple to order for someone else. In your own account you simply add the requested items to your cart. On the My Cart screen you will see a drop down box labeled Schedule For:. From the drop down menu you can choose to schedule for anyone in your building. The items will then be checked out to their Media Catalog account rather than yours. The quick video below illustrates the process.