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Borrowing titles - CIDER

Unfortunately, CIDER doesn't offer a search by language. However, including the language as part of the search is helpful. For example, a search for superheroes Spanish returned 8 results and a search for Harry Potter Spanish returned 14 results.

Borrowing Titles beyond CIDER

Interlibrary loan offers many popular books in languages other than English. The best approach to finding reading materials for ELL students is to first think in terms of what book titles would you suggest for a similar English speaking student. There is a good chance that many of the titles are available from another library in the desired language.

To request titles email Linda Pendorf ( Include the book title, ISBN if possible, and the desired language.

Purchasing Titles

Many eBook and Audiobook titles in SORA/Overdrive  are available in languages other than English. These can be found by logging in to your Overdrive Marketplace. For specific LOTE audiobook requests email Cathi Brewer (


News-o-matic is available for grades K-8 to all MOBOCES component districts. Daily news articles are available in several languages, including Spanish, French, Arabic, and Mandarin. They also offer a read-aloud feature recorded by a native speaker. Visit our News-o-matic help page to find out more and how you can access from your district.


Read Conmigo

Free Children's Books in English & Spanish

Read Conmigo Website

Unite For Literacy

(Free) books that can be read or listened to in other languages.

Please note that not all titles are available in all languages. Click on the book you want to read, then click the pencil to see the languages available for text, and the narration button to see what languages are available in audio. 


Both Worldbook and Britannica offer Spanish versions. These are available to all MOBOCES Component Districts.

WorldBook Spanish

Britannica Spanish

The Gale Databases are translatable into 43 different languages.

 Gale in Context Middle School 
Gale in Context Opposing Viewpoints 

After opening an article simply click on the Translate Article drop down list on the right side of the screen and choose your desired language.

Translate Article image from a Gale Article


Arbordale eBooks Logo

Click the icon above to access the collection. The Arbordale eBook collection offers many titles in languages other than English. For example, the book Achoo is offered in the following languages. 

Achoo languages

The Times in Plain English

Current News Stories written in Clear Writing translatable in almost every language.

The Times in Plain English

Tips for Working w/ELLs (in Progress)

  • Some ELL students may not be able to read their primary language. Therefore, use databases which not only provide the printed translation, but that will also read it aloud in that language, too. Gale and Britannica are a few. 
  • Working with the ELL population is very similar to differentiating for other sub-groups. E.g., add images and/or video whenever possible. 
  • The Utica elementary librarians (Sept. 2023) recommend the AV2 books that can be purchased through Gumdrop. They come with QR codes and can be more interactive. 

Global Youth Lit

Curated lists of translated international picture and middle grade books. (pending release July 2024)

"Through an ALA Carnegie-Whitney grant, we have created a "starter kit" site that will allow any youth librarian to find (for now) curated lists of translated international picture book and middle grade books, as well as many resources on publishers, awards, organizations, portals that can help with locating excellent bilingual and foreign language books. We hope further grants will allow us to expand to include YA and also books in original languages. The site is not mean to "cover" all books and all languages but to be a starting point for all youth librarians. We also eagerly seek comments and suggestions." Posted by Marc Aronson, AASL Member Forum, 3-26-24

ELL Support Docs from Mid-State RBERN

Unite for Literacy

Unite for Literacy

Unite for Literacy is perfect for use with ESL/ELL students for reading and hearing books in both English and their native language. Share a link to the site on your website or newsletter for use at home. World language teachers can use this site to have students listen to books in the language they are learning.