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Sheet Music

Media Library: Sheet Music

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Questions about:
Joining the Sheet Music Library Service CoSer
Sue LeBlanc
(315) 361-5663

Ordering sheet music to be added to the music library

Heather Finnick
​(315) 361-5663

Borrowing sheet music through Media Catalog/Media4u, extending borrowed music, lost or missing items
Jan Frink
(315) 361-5665

MOBOCES Sheet Music LibraryMusical Notes

Enables participating districts to cooperatively purchase and share choral, band, and orchestral music.

Borrowing Sheet Music from the Library

Participating districts will borrow sheet music through the Media Catalog/media4u. To browse the entire collection: After login click Advanced search on right side of search bar and then filter by material type of 'sheet music'.

Alternately, after logging in, click on "Browse by Collection" on the top navigation bar and then click on the purple "Sheet Music" icon. 

Ordering New Music for the Library

For information on ordering new sheet music to be added to the library's collection please see the FAQ page.