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Media Library: FAQ

Question MarkFrequently Asked Questions

Ordering New Music

How do I order new sheet music for  the collection?

Each participating district is allowed to order new music not to exceed $500 (including shipping) for the first unit, and $400 for additional units. 

Please remember to purchase new music for the fall before you leave for the summer.

Create a list at J.W. Pepper's website for $500 including shipping costs. Please be sure to check that items aren't already available to borrow from the Music Library.

Have your District Business Official send approved sheet music list for ordering to the CIS office to the attention of CIS Coordinator. 

CIS staff will order the music and catalog in Media Catalog/SNAP.

The music ordered by each district will then be checked out and sent to the district for a loan period of 90 days.

Borrowing Sheet Music

How do I borrow music from the Sheet Music Library?

​Participating districts will borrow sheet music through the Media Catalog/media4u. If you need instructions please watch this quick video.

Returning Music

How do I return music to the Music Library?

Music should be returned via courier the day before due data so that it is at CIS office on due date for shipping to other districts. Please be sure to count all pieces BEFORE returning. 

What if I am missing pieces of the music?

If any pieces are missing please inform CIS call 315-361-5665 or email include the Title of the Music and details about exactly what pieces are missing. Your district will be billed for the replacement pieces.


Loan Period

How long can I borrow music from the Music Library?

The standard check-out period is 90 days. It may be extended by up to 10 days. One renewal is allowed.

Summer Check-Out

Can I borrow music during the summer?

Yes, music may be borrowed during the summer for a loan period of 30 days.
Contact CIS (315-361-5665) to extend check-out or renew yourself in the Media Catalog/media4u.

Lost items

What happens if I have misplaced an item?

​If possible extend the item to give yourself more time to search for it. If you are still unable to locate it please contact us. We will  notify your building principal to help. If the item is not returned, the school district will eventually be billed for a replacement.

Benefits of Music Library

What are the benefits of joining the Sheet Music Library?

  • Cooperatively purchase choral, band and orchestral sheet music
  • Have access to a wide variety of sheet music, selections at minimum cost
  • BOCES will store at a central location, maintain the collection, provide online catalog and booking access, and delivery via courier service.
  • BOCES will ensure compliance of music copyright laws.
  • Combine buying power of multiple districts
  • Enable districts to have access to sheet music through an aidable service
  • District requesting the music maintains first year priority for usage; subsequent years are on first-come, first-served basis.


What districts are currently participating in the Sheet Music Library?

  • Camden
  • Canastota
  • Hamilton
  • Madison Central
  • Rome City Schools
  • Stockbridge Valley
  • Vernon-Verona-Sherrill