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Colibri Cover System: CoLibri

Protect your books

Colibri LogoThe e-DaVinci book covering system protects small, standard, large, and extra large books. Fast and Easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Ordering Book Covers

Open the Price List below. You will pay the 10+ Boxes price even if you are not ordering 10 or more boxes.

Send an email detailing the covers you would like to order to Be sure to include that you are a member of the Madison-Oneida BOCES School Library System.

How to Cover Hardback Book using Standard Cover

How to Cover Large Hardback Book

How to Cover Hardback Book using Mini Cover

How to Cover Extra Large Book using Big Cover

How to Cover Paperback Book using Standard Cover

Colibri Links

Tips & Tricks

Place the system on a flat surface.

Turn off the machine before plugging in the foot pedal.

There is no need to push down on the welding bar. It will lower automatically after the button or foot pedal is pressed.

Be mindful of plastic cover scraps piling up behind of the machine. Remove the scraps frequently.