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Elementary Resources: NoodleTools

What is It?

An complete online research system that allows students to take notes, archive source materials, outline topics, and build citations.

Buildings with Access

Hamilton Elementary
  Hamilton Middle/High
E.R. Andrews Elementary
  Morrisville-Eaton Middle/High
Bellamy Elementary
  Denti Elementary
  Gansevoort Elementary
  John E Joy Elementary
  Ridge Mills Elementary
  Staley Elementary
  Stokes Elementary
  Strough Middle School
  Rome Free Academy
Stockbridge Central
J.D. George Elementary
  E.A. McCallister Elementary
  W.A. Wettel Elementary
  VVS Middle/High

Ideas from other Educators

Product Overview

Why Use It?

  • 3 differentiated levels to support students across grades and abilities

  • Work in MLA, APA, or Chicago styles

  • Trains students to plan, gather, and organize their research

  • Teachers and librarians can provide feedback and monitor student progress

  • Ability to collaborate with other students

Training & Resources