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Elementary Resources: BrainPopJr

What is It?

  BrainPOP Jr. offers animated educational movies, quizzes, games, activities, and other resources for K-3 students.

Buildings with Access

  Annsville Elementary
  Camden Elementary
  McConnellsville Elementary
  Peterboro Street Elementary
  South Side Elementary
Madison Central
E.R. Andrews Elementary
Durhamville Elementary
  North Broad Elementary
  Seneca Street Elementary
  Willard Prior Elementary
Bellamy Elementary
  Denti Elementary
  Gansevoort Elementary
  John E Joy Elementary
  Ridge Mills Elementary
  Staley Elementary
  Stokes Elementary
J.D. George Elementary
  E.A. McAllister Elementary
  W.A. Wettel Elementary

Why Use It?

  • BrainPOP Jr. movies – each running three to five minutes – serve as an engaging way to introduce, review, or further explore a concept

  • Designed to cultivate critical thinking skills and encourage children to ask questions

  • it covers topics within Science, Social Studies, Reading & Writing, Health, Math, and Arts & Technology

  • Features like Word Wall (vocabulary), Talk About It (discussion prompts), Write About It (writing prompts), and Draw About It (drawing prompts) support each cross-curricular topic and provide options for children with a range of learning styles

  • Simple navigation so early learners can explore on their own

  • Search by Standard, Grade, and Subject and get a customized list of BrainPop content that directly connects to that standard