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Elementary Resources: TrueFlix

What is It?

Science and Social Studies eBooks enhanced with media - including primary sources, fiction, vidoes, audio clips, images and related websites.

Buildings with Access

E.R. Andrews Elementary
Bellamy Elementary
  Denti Elementary
  Gansevoort Elementary
  John E Joy Elementary
  Ridge Mills Elementary
  Staley Elementary
  Stokes Elementary

Quick Look

Trueflix Home Screen
Trueflix Ancient Civilizations
Trueflix Ancient Greece
TrueFlix Book Open

Finding Guided Reading Levels

Why Use It?

  • Thousands of Science and Social Studies resources in a variety of media

  • Students gain a 360 degree understanding of the topic

  • Use videos to introduce a topic and key vocabulary

  • Read interactive eBooks on whiteboard

  • Project ideas available for topics

  • Perfect for flipping the classroom - have students explore a topic on their own and come to class ready to participate in critical thinking activities