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The Game Collection is a subcollection of the CIS Instructional Media Library. It contains a collection of games available for teachers and librarians to use in their classroom, library or makerspaces. Games can be aligned with the curriculum and used to enrich instruction at all levels. The games are organized as follows:

Games can be checked out from the Media Catalog/SNAP for a period of 10 school days. If no one is waiting for the game it can be renewed for up to a maximum period of 25 school days.

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Robot Turtles has a sneaky way of teaching kids – as young as preschoolers - the basics of programming. Inspired by the Logo programming language, the goal is for kids to get their turtle to a matching colored jewel. While kids get to be the programmers and have all the control, grownups act as the computer, following commands and making all sorts of goofy bops and beeps along the way. The Galapagos Rules offer a game variation that is bit more competitive and fun for older players.

Grade Level: Primary, Elementary, Middle, High
Players: 2-5
Play time: 15 min
Content Area: Computer Science, Business/Technology
Subject: Coding, Problem solving, Sequencing, Programming

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