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Introduction to Zometool

Zometool Quick Start Activity

This short exercise will familiarize you with how Zometools fit together and the differences between the colors of the struts.

1. Build a lollipop - put a ball on the end of a long strut.

What did you notice?

2. Make 19 more lollipops if you chose yellow or blue. You only 12 lollipops if you chose red.

3. Make a pincushion using an additional ball and all of your lollipops. Use up all the holes in the ball your strut will fit into.

4. Connect the dots. "Dots" are balls. You will need to figure out what color and length of strut you will need to use.

What did you notice?
How many faces does your model have? What shape are your faces?
How many edges?


  • Zome Projects, by David A. Richter. A list of advanced projects, with varying amounts of detail for their constructions. Most of the projects are three-dimensional projections of four-dimensional figures.
  • Zometool polyhedra, by George Hart. A list of some of the types of polyhedra that can be built using Zometool. 
  • Metazome, by Andrew Mihal, Matt Moskewicz, Yujia Jin, Will Plishker, Niraj Shah, Scott Vorthmann, and Scott Weber. The Metazome website proves mathematically that by using Zometool to build large meta-versions of nodes and struts, one can, in principle, construct an enormous meta-version of any Zometool model. 


Grade Level: Elementary, Middle, High
# of Creator 3 Kits Available: 1
# of STEAM System Kits Available: 1

Content Area: Math, Science, Art
Subject: Engineering, Building, Problem-solving, Creative-thinking

Parts Chart

Parts Chart - A lists of all parts currently offered by the company. Parts may be purchased in system kits, in project kits, and in bulk.

What can I teach with Zometool?

Number Sense