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VVS High School Library: HS Reading

Reading is a mentally sophisticated process!

If you can read this you have an amazing skill!!


Quick strategies for finding your next read:

  1. Ask your friends
  2. 10 page or 5 finger rule
  3. Use the library catalog /read reviews
  4. Look genre labels on spines in library
  5. Ask Mrs. Laramie or visit her website
  6. Talk to a librarian or teacher about what you like to read

Why read?

Reading equals better              

  •  Reading Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary

Series Locator


Find what book is next in the series you want to keep reading!

Series Locator

Lexile Searching

How to search OPALS by Lexile:

Go to

Then click  Search

                 Reading Level

                 Lexile Value - put in the range and a keyword

                   to narrow the search



Do you like to read?
Yes: 3 votes (12.5%)
No: 21 votes (87.5%)
Total Votes: 24

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