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Rigamajig: Home

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Due to the large scale. This item is currently unavailable to borrow from the Media Catalog directly. If interested in borrowing please email Cathi Brewer at or Jan Frink at for availability info.

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What is Rigamajig?

Brain Powered. No batteries needed.

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The Rigamajig is a large-scale building kit used for hands-on free play and learning. This collection of wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts and rope allows children to follow their curiosity through play. 

260+ parts total; all parts made in the U.S.

Plastic parts are made from 100% recycled nylon.

Wood parts are made from the highest grade Baltic birch plywood and finished with a non-hazardous, air-pollutant-free finish.

Includes two milk crates for small piece storage

Cart with contents weighs approximately 149 lbs.

Made in Providence, Rhode Island

Requires a minimum play area of 100 square feet (per kit)

Complies with U.S. & EU Consumer Product Safety Testing for Children's Toys

Portable and sealable

Play Prompts for Getting Started

Build a Rigamajig that can lift something.

Build a Rigamajig you can get inside.

Build a contraption to take you to the center of the earth

How many different ways can you join three pieces?

Build a contraption to send a bucket from one place to another.

Create something with four legs and a tail.

Give it a name.  Make up a story about where it came from. 

Build a structure that would allow you to live on a cloud

Build a contraption that would allow you to ride a whale.

Tell a friend about your invention.

What is the tallest structure you can make with 5 pieces?

Using 15 pieces make a contraption that can hold a 10 lb. bag of potatoes.

What can you build with 20 pieces?

Tell and write how your contraptions work.

Make a structure that incorporates a balloon in a useful way. 

Make a structure that incorporates an empty box

Make a structure that incorporates a chair.

Use the Rigamajig to make a friend.

Now that you have made a structure...look at your neighbor’s creation and find a way to join your two structures to make a new one. What might it do? 

Draw a picture of your Rigamajig creation and label the parts. Next, tell your neighbor instructions for how it works. 

Invent your own prompts, or play without prompt!

Helpful Rigamajig Videos

2nd Grade Rigamajig Project