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Expand Your World Grant: Connect with Classrooms

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#Gridpals with Flipgrid

Elevator PitchUse FlipGrid to connect with classrooms around the world! Educators have made thousands of connections, using Flipgrid to increase social learning, global empathy, and cultural understanding. To In your FlipGrid account activate #gridpals.

More informationVisit Flipgrid website

Cost is FreeCompletely FREE

FAQHelp/Frequently Asked Questions
Fliggrid Teacher Guide

Moderate effortModerate effort- You will need to make a connection with another classroom 


Elevator pitchConnect, Communicate, and Collaborate with classrooms around the world!

Use Pen Pal Exchange to connect your students with other classes around the world to exchange messages. A Pen Pal Exchange allows students in two or more classrooms to privately message each other through the My Messages tool.

Use Project Experiences to collaborate with one or more classrooms using Discussion Boards and other messaging tools. Experiences are organized into 3 categories: Cultural Exchange, Language Practice, Subject-Based learning.

More InformationePals Connection Classrooms around the World Webinar

Learn more about Project Experiences in the Global Community Management Guide


FAQePals Global Community FAQ

ModerateModerate- You will need to create an account, add your students, and find PenPals or Project Experiences to connect with.


Elevator PtichTear down the walls of your classroom and invite the world in. Completely online, Belouga allows students to learn about and discuss each other's lives from anywhere.

More InformationVisit Belouga website


Help/FAQWhat is Belouga? video (2 min)


Elevator PtichEmpatico empowers teachers and students to explore the world through experiences that spark curiosity, kindness, and empathy. We combine live video with activities designed to foster meaningful connections among students ages 7-11.

More InformationVisit website

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CostEmpatico is, and always will be, 100% free for educators everywhere.

Help/FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Moderate effort- After registering you will select at least 2 activities you would like to do with a partner classroom, and other important info. Empatico will match you with a classroom.