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SLS Council: Communication Coordinators

SLS Communication Coordinators' Overview

School Library System Communication Coordinators'

Communication Coordinators (CCs) are school librarians designated by each district to receive and share important information regarding school libraries and systems, as per Commissioner’s Regulations 90.18. By supporting their CC’s participation in Communication Coordinators’ meetings and their schools’ participation in inter-library loan, districts are fulfilling the minimal obligations for School Library System membership. SLS services are funded by the state, so there is no cost to districts to participate in the services, notwithstanding costs of substitute reimbursement for their educators who attend PD events.

2019-2020 Meeting Dates

Thursday, February 13th 8:30 am to 11:30 am
@ Costello Conference Room
Register here



Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes

CCs Members

Jennine Bloomquist - Camden

Tracy Mammone - Canastota

Amy Jerome - Hamilton

Nicole LeClair - Madison

Jessica Jacobs-Broedel - Morrisville-Eaton

Deb Becker - Oneida

Nicole Chase-Iverson - Rome

Melissa Grogan - Stockbridge Valley

Tina Laramie - VVS

Ellen Dupree - NYSSD

Jackie Caril - St, Patrick's Elementary

? - Rome Catholic School