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Media Library: Support

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Call: 315-361-5665


Questions about:

SNAP accounts, Physical Media Booking

Jan Frink
AV Clerk

Media Purchasing Suggestions, Streaming Resources & Training Requests

Cathi Brewer
Media Librarian

Need Training?

CIS Staff are available to provide:

  • training on integrating media resources effectively into the teaching/learning process
  • training on using the Media Catalog/SNAP to find, stream, and order resources
  • a walkthrough of how to use a new resource
  • a demo of a resource at your school

Contact Cathi Brewer at to schedule one-on-one, small group, or large group training, presentations, or demonstrations.

Media Library Presentation

Learn to Use the Media Catalog/SNAP



1. Good news! You don't have to use an old school card catalog to access resources from the Media Library. The Media Library uses an online catalog called SNAP as in Information is out there -- SNAP to it!

2. The Media Catalog/SNAP is accessible:

  • from the top box of the Media Library website at
  • by clicking on at item you serendipitously discovered browsing a collection on the Media Library website
  • or if you know exactly what you want you can go directly to Do not pass GO, Do not collect $200, but Do get a resource to enrich teaching and learning! 

3. Choose one of the ways above and login to the Media Catalog/SNAP. You will use your school email address and if you have never logged in before your password is "i have been missing out" all lowercase. Nah, that's way too long. It is snap all lowercase. See picture below. If you have logged in before enter the password you have used in the past. If you have forgotten your password look for the Click Here to Reset It link and click it to have a new password sent to your email address.


4. If you see the screen below you have successfully logged into the Media Catalog/SNAP!

Search & Stream a Video

Now that you have successfully logged into the Media Catalog/SNAP it is time to find a resource.  

How do I search for resources in the Media Catalog/SNAP?


1. The simplest way to search is just type keyword(s) right into the search box. This will search all the fields of every catalog record. Try typing a keyword search for giraffe. You should get 101 results.

2. Now you can narrow your search using the filters on the right side of the search results. It shows how many resources for each filter. For example, there are 61 streaming videos that match giraffe. Click on streaming video(61).

3. Now your results only show the 61 streaming videos. Choose one and click on View vendor_name to play one. The vendor_name will be different depending on what resource you choose. See image below.

4. Next you are going to remove the filter. At the top of the Narrow Search box click on the Red circle with the minus sign button next to Resource Type ("streaming video"). See image below...

4. The search results will automatically reload and you should have all 101 results showing again. Choose a different filter or filters (it's possible to add as many filters as you would like).

5. Clear all filters.

Checkout a Physical Resource


1. Another way to find resources in the Media Catalog is to just click the I Want it All button. See image below.

2. Click the I Want It All button. You will have over 200,000 results. This is every resource in the media catalog. Wouldn't it be fun to browse through all these results? Probably not! Instead you can just browse collections. Currently there are only 5, but there are more coming. A collection is just a named group of similar resources.

3. On the right side under Narrow Search and under Collection click on STEAM KITS (39). Now you can browse through the 39 kits. Look through them and choose one to add to your cart. Many of the kits have multiple copies available. The number of copies is shown in parentheses. Click on the Shopping Bag icon. See image below.

4. In the upper right hand corner of your screen click on Proceed to Checkout. See image below.

5. This will show you the My Cart screen. From here you can change your Deliver By date and How Many you would like to order if more than one copy is available. The Deliver By date will default to the closest possible delivery date. If you want the item right away you are ready to Submit my Order, but you can schedule items for months in advance which is what you are going to do. See image below.

6. Click on the Calendar icon to the right of the default date and change your Deliver By date to sometime next school year. After you change the date you must click on the Check Availability button. See image below.

7. This will update the Return By date and the Submit my Order button will be displayed again in place of the Check Availability button. Click the Submit my Order button to checkout your resource. See image below.

8. You will see the screen below.

9. Since you may not actually want to receive this order we are going to cancel it. On the menu bar click My Account. From the menu click My Scheduled Items.  You will see a screen similar to the one below.

10. Click to select your scheduled resource and then click Cancel Selected Items button. Click OK to confirm that you really want to Cancel. You should get an email that the request has been cancelled.

History to Reuse or Reorder resources

From the My Account menu you can access Past Orders or your Digital History. Both of these can help you to reuse resources from one school year to the next. 


1. Click My Account menu. To view Physical Resources ordered in the past click My Past Orders. To view Streaming Resources used in the past click My Digital History.

2. From these screens you can replay or reorder the resources.

Renew a Physical Resource

You can renew checked out items for 5 more school days at a time. You can do this more than once up to maximum loan days allowed. Loan periods can be found on Help page in SNAP.


1. Click the My Account menu. Click My Checked Out Items. If you have resources currently checked out you will see a screen similar to the one below.