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WeVideo: Home

Need help?


Mrs. Laramie's 


First time using WeVideo?

Ask Mrs. Laramie for log in information. The high school purchases a certain number of licenses each year. Once she gives you an account you can create and edit with WeVideo. Have fun!


Uploading pictures from Google Folder to WeVideo

  1. Open Wevideo and open your project

  2. Click My Media

  3. Click Import 

  4. Click Drive (symbol) at bottom 

  5. Find folder

  6. Hold down shift to select all the pictures

  7. Click Select to upload to Wevideo

  8. Find pictures under My Media

  9. Begin editing and placing your pictures to coincide with your voice recording

Finishing Video

Finish your video when you are done.  EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!! Wevideo creates a .mp4 file.

Mrs. Laramie - Explains finishing a WeVideo (1:49 min)

Directions:  Click Finish.  Give the video a name. Select thumbnail. Select SD. Select Google Drive and click next. The video will transfer to Google Drive. Find the WeVideo folder.

Finding Finished Video -  Mrs. Laramie explains (2:03 min)



                                      Online video editing software.  Similar to iMovie.  Ask Mrs. Laramie for log in information.   

How to use WeVideo

Mrs. Laramie explaining how to use WeVideo

Find pictures & Create a Google Folder

  1. Daatabase Britannica Images to find copyright free images.  Follow the link and search ( if need username vvsstudent password info4u)

  2. Struggling to find a picture? Open up another tab for Google. Search for pictures using the term copyright free.

  3. When you find a good picture right click (on a chromebook tap with 2 fingers)

  4. save image as

  5. It will open a screen. Select Google Drive  then My Drive then the folder you created. 

  6. Change the name of the picture at bottom of screen before you click save.

  7. Repeat until you have all the pictures you want for your myth

Sora ebooks

To access Sora use the directions below.

Now you can add the public library to your Sora account without a public library card. 


Mrs. Laramie 

Recording your vioce in WeVideo

  1. In Wevideo click on My Media

  2. Narrate

  3. Click record

  4. It will countdown then speak

  5. When done click stop

  6. Preview - if you like it click save

  7. If you want to redo then click record again

  8. Make sure you click save

  9. The recording will appear in the Audio 1 track

  10. The recording will also save in My Media. In case you want to use it again.

Edit Video

  1. Take time to drag the pictures to the Video 1 line

  2. Listen to audio to make sure pictures correlate with words

  3. Add transitions or whatever finesse you would like

  4. When completely done go to the next slide to finish video


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